Honda Aviator


New Honda Aviator is coupled with sleek design and high performance. It is priced approximately at Rs. 40,000 and is targeted at the urban youth of India.

This scooter will provide a pleasurable driving experience in the city traffic and the decent pricing and chic styling will definitely make people want to buy this scooter as soon as possible.The Aviator scores in looks and styling, which is definitely superior to other Honda Scooters. The plastic that is used is of high-quality and the metal panels are used in a better way. With the Aviator, Honda has launched the fourth scooter after Eterno, Dio and the commercially successful Activa. The same 102cc engine that is offered in the Honda Activa, Dio and the Hero Honda Pleasure powers the Aviator too.

In terms of engine characteristics, the peak power and maximum torque parameters are the same 7 bhp and 0.8 Kg-M respectively. This refined, tried and tested mill behaves in pretty much similar fashion in terms of noise, pick-up and fuel efficiency. The Aviator feels marginally heavier than the other two existing scooterettes, but fuel efficiency wouldn't be affected, thanks to a more precise clutch.

The variomatic transmission from the other two scooterettes has been carried forward into the new Aviator. There has been no compromise on looks, styling and performance. The Honda Aviator will have a few extra stuff like alloy wheels and disc brakes as options and bigger wheels. The trademark Honda characteristics are all there in the Aviator. It is an amalgam of Honda's existing products most appreciated features and a little more. The Aviator is planning to have upper variants as well.

These variants will be equipped with special disc brakes and alloy wheels, along with other features. The scooter will be available in five colors - Black, Red, Gray, Purple and Silver. Another special feature is that this scooter will have more storage space under the seat than the previous scooters.

The Aviator has rather large wheels, as compared to other scooters. With the launch of this scooter, Honda plans to launch another winner on the Indian roads, after Activa. Though scooter market constitutes only 18% of the Indian two wheeler industry, it continues to post positive sales in contrast to the negative growth of bikes. Hence all the manufacturers wants a share in the segment and the competition has become more intense.